Third-Party libraries

aiohttp is not the library for making HTTP requests and creating WEB server only.

It is the grand basement for libraries built on top of aiohttp.

This page is a list of these tools.

Please feel free to add your open sourced library if it’s not enlisted yet by making Pull Request to

    1. Why do you might want to include your awesome library into the list?
  • A. Just because the list increases your library visibility. People will have an easy way to find it.

Officially supported

This list contains libraries which are supported by aio-libs team and located on

aiohttp extensions

Database drivers

Approved third-party libraries

The libraries are not part of aio-libs but they are proven to be very well written and highly recommended for usage.

  • uvloop Ultra fast implementation of asyncio event loop on top of libuv.

    We are highly recommending to use it instead of standard asyncio.

Database drivers

  • asyncpg Another PostgreSQL async driver. It’s much faster than aiopg but it is not drop-in replacement – the API is different. Anyway please take a look on it – the driver is really incredible fast.


The list of libs which are exists but not enlisted in former categories.

They are may be perfect or not – we don’t know.

Please add your library reference here first and after some time period ask to raise he status.